The Big Bad Wolf!

Let me start off by telling you that all fights in a relationship boil down to two very universal things: Trust & Respect; or rather, the lack thereof.  It is never just about an unreplied text or a third person or even a misunderstanding. If we were to examine the origin of an argument, you will surely find that, at the root of it all is someone who doesn’t extend those rights to their partner, which in reality should be a-given in a relationship.

Now, at most times the fights are small and immature and hence, can be ignored or forgiven or adjusted to. However, there are certain red flags which must be taken notice of and acted on right away.

Allow me to tell you how a relationship without trust and respect pans out. There are certain people, toxic people, who thrive on the pain and sufferings of others; who like to inflict their very own brand of torment and torture; who enjoy the agony of their partners. Yes! These are whom we call narcissists and sadists. They are essentially bullies who can be defeated only when stood up to. So as I was saying, being in a relationship where your partner doesn’t trust and respect you can be extremely tormenting. It starts out by small, seemingly innocent requests like “Call me when you reach home” or “Can I have your account password. You can have mine as well!”. Then it gradually turns more into demands than requests like “I don’t like your friend, could you not entertain him so much” or “Hang out with me more often please” or “Don’t wear short clothes!”. At the end it becomes straight-out accusations like “You don’t consider me as a priority at all. I know where I stand in your life” and “I know who you talk to at nights when you tell me that you’ve slept off”.  At the beginning they seem doable and you give in because you think “Hey! Why not? He is just a bit protective!” or “He just wants to spend more time with me”. However, before you even realize it you are cutting people out of your life, ignoring most since meeting your partner should be your priority and texting him about your location and surrounding every minute of the day. I mean, it’s more scrutiny than what you would go through had you been a convicted drug dealer at an airport. It isn’t anymore just “Could you”s or “Please don’t”s. It becomes “You can never talk to him” and “Send me a photo of where you are” or even confronting your friends and acquaintances about their relationship with you. They continually demand proofs and get angry when you don’t give into their ridiculous demands. They get angry and they turn the tables on you anytime things aren’t the way they want them to be. You suddenly face a lot of accusations and suspicions on your behavior. These accusations blow out into immature arguments which seem like they can be forgiven. At first they disguise it as care and protectiveness for you since they love you show much. Then it turns into something more ugly: the concept of ownership; that they have certain rights over you since and I quote “You are mine!”. Yes, this is how it starts out and progresses.

Their entire lives revolve around you and they expect the same in return. They isolate you, one person at a time. Their need is your need for them. Heard of the Stockholm syndrome? That could be used to describe how a person feels when they are confronted by accusations and their character doubted by the one person who should stand by them against the world. Rather than leaving, you set out trying to prove yourself and your faithfulness to someone who is never going to believe you, not because there is some lacking on your part, but because that’s simply who they are as a person (untrusting and suspicious). You start questioning your own worth and start believing that they are the best that you could ever get, that in fact, you are really lucky to have them in your life. You form a sense of dependency on them. You become a captive for their approval and happiness. You lower your self-respect to keep your partner happy. You start thinking “Anything to avoid these fights!” and that it’s just a text or just one person. But let me tell you something, it never stops at cutting out one person or leaving a few texts. The demands go on increasing till they ask everything of you; till they leave you a mere shadow of who you used to be.

“The hostages experience a powerful, primitive positive feeling towards their captor. They are in denial that this is the person who put them in that situation. In their mind, they think this is the person who is going to let them live.”

… and here’s the worst of it all: Everyone and anyone can fall a victim to this kind of relationship. It doesn’t matter how strong or level-headed you might be. In fact, I have a theory that strong and practical people fall for this more often than others since they have a natural instinct to provide, save and nurture. See, these kinds of relationships mostly always start out by your partner needing some kind of saving. They play it out by showing that they have been burnt by the world and hence they can’t trust and they make you feel like if you try hard enough, you could save them. Then, once you are in the middle of it all, there seems no likely escape. You stay and keep drowning and every time you try to leave, they claim that they cannot live without you and you get pulled right back by one anchor “Love”. However, boys and girls, please beware that it isn’t love. Love doesn’t accuse and doubt, love doesn’t lie and get angry and love doesn’t play games. No! Love Trusts and most important of all Love Respects. I say “respect”, because to me trust has always inseparably been bound by respect. The two are mutually dependent. There can never be respect where there is no trust. There can never be honour among thieves (of trust). Then, you hit rock bottom where you accept your fate with this person. You start starving for the tiny bits of affection and hope they throw your way. It’s always on-cloud-no.9-happy one day and i-don’t-want-to-be-with-you sad the next.

Then, one day they do something because of which you are jerked back into consciousness and you realize that this time you cannot forgive them; that you’ve had enough and now you need to leave. And though, what they did hurt you beyond comprehension, it is the best thing that could have happened to you, since it made you see the reality of the situation. It takes everything in you to break away and if you are lucky you find people along the way who help you see your self-worth and you will forever be grateful to them.

In retrospect, it does teach you a lot of things about yourself as well. It teaches you to be a little more stingy with your forgiveness and shows you how to recognize the big bad wolf in disguise. Like the fairy-tale, hopefully, even after being swallowed by the wolf you could come out alive at the end.

Yes! Like I said in the beginning, it all comes down to trust and respect and if there isn’t any, let me give you a word of advice: Run like the sky is falling!

Chadar Trek.. Frozen In Time!

It is not just a trek. It is an experience; a test of endurance; a journey in search of one’s true self!


The Beautiful Blue Zanskar Gorge! (The icy part is a portion of the formed Ice sheet of the river)

Considered to be one the toughest treks in the Himalayan Trail, the Chadar Trek is not for the faint-hearted.  So, the Zanskar River freezes over in the months of January & February when the temperature reaches a whopping -20 degree Celsius to -30 degree Celsius, forming a blanket or ‘Chadar’ which creates a perfect trekking trail for adventure junkies.

“Guidebooks were quick to label this trek, as one of the “wildest” in the world. After all, there aren’t too many walks that pass through a dramatic gorge with frozen waterfalls, or where the route is on ice that turns mirror for sky and bouncing sunlight. The ever-present sense of danger of the ice giving way, and the primal thrill of sleeping in caves hewn by gushing water over centuries, does make it an eminently “do before you die” journey.” – Sankar Sridhar

best-mountain-and-camping-quotesArmed with all the equipment to survive the negative temperature drops, me, my sister, her husband and his brother set out to conquer this quest. With the road to the summit riddled with various hurdles, the trip started with our flight to Leh getting cancelled due to bad weather. Never the ones to be left behind, we managed to take one out the next day, which meant that we only got one day to acclimatize to the high altitudes of the Himalayas. This resulted in me getting violently sick the night before the trek was supposed to start, however, the journey must go on. So we traveled to Chilling, where another monster in the form of a landslide awaited us. Since our car could not go any further, we had to trek for 10 extra kilometers. Having been extremely ill and on an empty stomach, I could hardly walk without feeling dizzy. So we set camp on the Chadar for an early lunch. With a steaming hot mug of tea and a bowl of spicy soupy noodles, I recovered like magic.

The first look of the Chadar nestled comfortably in the colossal Himalayan range is something that will be etched in my mind for a very very very long time.


Reflecting the heavens!

“No matter how sophisticated you may be, a large granite mountain cannot be denied — it speaks in silence to the very core of your being. – Ansel Adams”

True! The sight of the frozen river surrounded on all sides with gigantic towering mountains left us all astounded. The view was mesmerizing no matter where we looked. To me, us, standing right there was the only thing soiling the beauty of this untouched landscape. I felt like an intruder, stealing from the mountains, that elusive beauty which cannot be found elsewhere; yet given the choice again, there was no other place I would rather go to. With this paradoxical feeling we embarked on the actual trek . Slipping, sliding, and barely


A walk on the wild side..

being able to walk the gait the locals were so easily doing, the sight was not a pretty one. Slowly but steadily, we somewhat managed to maintain a decent speed (Thank God for the trekking pole we had the sense to buy). Come sundown, we reached our campsite (at Shingra-gongma) which was already laid out for us (Yes! By some witch-craft our porters whilst lugging all our tons of luggage had managed to reach a couple of hours before us and had set up the tents!). We were handed piping hot mugs of tea and biscuits, which after hours of walking seemed to us like little bits of heaven.


A porter lugging the luggage on a sledge on the Chadar..

Sleeping in the tents they had set out for us, on the bank of the frozen river, under the stars, high up in the mountains, completely encompassed by snow was a whole other experience. Calming my excited self, I snuggled up inside the ultra warm sleeping bag and slept, dreaming of the snow and the stars.


It’s better in the Mountains…

“And the mountains continue the haunt beautifully, like they have been for ages. Every single time you visit them, you are no stranger to this beauty. Meeting the mountains is perhaps a way of feeling a sense of endings and also a sense of beginnings. It will be hard to believe that you are you and the mountains are, well, just they. Look at them and marvel at the way they humble you, like you didn’t know anything at all about the world.”


Chasing angels or fleeing demons – go to the mountains!

Indeed! Though, the trek itself was not as strenuous as we had been led to believe, the view, on the other hand, was nothing the we could have ever imagined. It was all the same and yet somehow very different. Around every bend was a scene more exquisite and surreal than the one we left behind. Every time I thought that nothing could beat the beauty of what I was looking at, there came another mountain that took my breath away. There is a magical quality about the Himalayas that keeps us wanting more, teasing us every step of the way. It gave me strength, because the more of it I saw, the more of it I wanted to see. As I walked on, mesmerized by the massive vastness that surrounded me, a quote I had read somewhere crossed my mind, “Although, I deeply love oceans, deserts and other wild landscapes, it is only mountains that beckon me with that sort of painful magnetic pull to walk deeper and deeper into their beauty. They keep me continuously wanting to know more, feel more, see more.”


One of the frozen waterfalls along the way..

 I wanted to keep going further and further beyond everything that I could see. In the mountains, a sense of calmness washes over us letting us know about everything that is miraculous and infinite. The wind whispers to us about the answers that we are seeking. A sense of thrill and awe somehow leads to a sense of peace and quiet as well. It amazed me to see the complexity of the human spirit which can feel two completely opposite emotions together and make it into something life affirming.

Well, moving on, perhaps, I misspoke a little earlier when I said that the trek was not very strenuous. The day we trekked for almost 30 kilometers certainly pushed our limits. We left that morning from Tibb for a journey that we knew would test our mettle and fortitude for we had to reach the final point and hike all the way back that day itself. We trudged through snow and ice to reach the summit of the trek: the gorgeous frozen waterfall at Narek.


The precipices along the broken Chadar! “The Detours”(Tread carefully!)

The road was difficult and challenging to say the least. The chadar was not formed or broken at a few places and we had to take detours to move forward. These “detours” consisted of climbing over the steep cliffs that formed the Zanskar gorge. The climb through the snow and ice covered rocky walls wasn’t an easy task to accomplish. They were slippery in most places which meant that without a sure foothold they were almost impenetrable. Fortunately for us, our guide was probably God in disguise (or at least that is what it felt like) and he expertly led us through the tricky portions with relative ease.

Reciting the poem “Don’t You Quit”we walked on and on..

Often the goal is nearer than

It seems to a faint and faltering man;

Often the struggler has given up

When he might have captured the victor’s cup;

And he learned too late when the night came down,

How close he was to the golden crown.”

When we reached the summit, the joy and relief were short lived, for still remaining was the daunting task of the return journey back to our campsite at Tibb. The daylight was fast receding and we had only covered half the way. We clicked a few photographs in triumph of our victory summit and we headed back.


Veni Vidi Vici!


Another detour! Walking on the cliffs on the gorge..

enhanced-buzz-wide-9582-1389227244-12With exhaustion setting over and spirits running low, we trekked back as fast as our tired bodies would permit so that we could reach before sunset. However, when the darkness set, we were still a long way from the campsite. So we put on our torches and set forth in a single file, with our guide in lead, slowly testing the ice beneath our feet. That too was an experience like no other. If the Zanskar valley is beautiful during the day, it is absolutely enchanting in darkness. Without the gaudy daylight, the mountains which were illuminated with the subtle glow of the reflected snow, gave the gorge an otherworldly look altogether. Being completely entranced and bewitched by the elegance of the landscape, Lord Byron words “thus mellowed to that tender light, which heaven to gaudy day denies” rang true to me then. To me, darkness has always held an alluring appeal, that, somehow, it manages to make things lovelier. We walked on, through the shimmering terrain. It was dead silent with not another soul in sight. The solitude and the tranquility were absolute magic.

I have loved the stars too fondly, to be fearful of the night”. 

So, now about a kilometer from our camp, we were met with a joyous sight. Our cook and the helper had walked for over a kilometer to greet us with a mug of steaming hot tea


Our Campsite at Tibb.

which was an amazing surprise. We slowly sipped the delicious tea standing on a frozen river, in the riveting darkness, in complete silence, listening to the mountains speak – for
on top of the mountains, everything made sense. This little gesture completely renewed our spirit and with replenished vigor we set forth towards the camp. After reaching back we all huddled inside the warm kitchen tent, exhausted and at the same time overjoyed.

I believe it is Sir Edmund Hillary who said, “It is not the mountains that we conquer, but ourselves.”


What are men to rocks and mountains? – Jane Austen

When I lay down to sleep that night, I could not help but wonder that the day wasn’t about physical strength. No! It was a test of our mental endurance, our perseverance and our moxie. It did not matter how physically strong we were, but what kept us going was our spirit and force of character. We realized that with determination, courage and nerve anything is possible; that we can push ourselves beyond our physical capacity if we only set our minds to it. The human spirit is indeed indomitable when tested against the forces of nature and the real strength lies in our minds and not our bodies; that if we truly believe that we can do, then we most certainly can.


Panoramic view of the Chadar!


… for there are some things you can only learn in a storm!

Everyday in the mountains has its own set of challenges. The next day was no different. A snow storm had turned everything white. It did not look that the snowing would stop anytime soon, so we adorned our rain jackets and walked, occasionally bracing ourselves against the harsh wind and snow. Even though the storm had made the trek more difficult, it turned the Zanskar gorge into a white canvas, looking as lovely, enchanting and fresh as a bride on her wedding day!


“The Devil’s Snare”

The storm was not the only thing that the spirits of the mountain had in store for us that day. There is an age-old legend among the Zanskaris that the restless spirits of the mountains try to kill you once, and if you survive, the benevolent spirits watch over you forever. As modern as we may be, but when confronted with the forces of nature, one is compelled to bend against their will. Human ego has no place in the mountains, and certainly not when threading their way over a precipice barely a foot wide, in the gorge, 50 feet above the ground over the freezing river. One such part of the trek which I have renamed as the “Devil’s Snare” was downright terrifying. It was approximately a 500 meter long, extremely slippery, ice strewn path in the gorge over a portion of the chadar which was broken. One misstep would mean a 50 feet tumble into the frozen river. The 50 feet climb itself was so steep and sludgy, that it was virtually impossible to do


The view from the top (while secretly praying that I don’t take a tumble down! :P)

without a rope (yet we did, with the help of our guides and porters).  Our guide, however, took us one by one up the path and to the other side. I will not lie here nor try and sound brave – I was absolutely petrified. It took each of us about 15 mins to walk that 500 meter strip and I must have prayed to a God that I do not believe in, at every step of the way, to get me across safely. (Yes! It was that frightening).

The spirits of Chadar did watch out for us after all!

“One story seems to have survived even in the face of modern development: the legend of benevolent spirits being driven away by the actions of inconsiderate men. When the Chadar’s spirits depart, the story goes, they’ll take the freeze with them.” – Sankar Sridhar


Paradise indeed!

The next day the sun finally managed to break through the thick clouds and was shining away happily, while the rest of us mere mortals down here, got terribly sun-burnt. It was the last day of the trek and as I was making my way through the last 10 kilometers, I remembered Jahangir’s words, “Agar firdaws da roy-i zamin ast, hamin ast-u, hamin ast-u, hamin ast-u” meaning “If there is a Paradise on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here”. 

High up in the mountains, way down in the streams! (Our entire group along with the guide, cook and all the porters!)

I am at a lack of words to describe what I got back from the ethereal experience. As I said in the beginning, it is not just a trek, but a journey to meet your true self; to find out how far you can push yourself to go; to escape the ordinary. Amidst the gigantic mountains, azure river and deep dark valleys, the pull of the serenity overcomes the inertia of reason, and you just have to go. It is easier to abandon oneself in the mountains as details of life re-prioritize. You don’t go to the mountains to flee from something, but you go there to find something. You leave a piece of yourself behind, and yet you are more complete than before you went there. There is a beckoning that calls you back to that frozen sheet of river; between the snow and the stars, you find yourself! It certainly was a walk to remember…


Mountains in my heart-beats! ❤

46ab86cef65a4e070a42bd5970557b98“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds. – Edward Abbey”

I hope, in life, like on the trek, I find the courage to follow my fluttering heart and listen to it when it tells me the crooked, winding, lonesome journey was worth it…

As the magical journey ended, a reference to J.K. Rowling’s quote from Harry Potter would be fitting: “And together they walked back, through the gateway to the muggle world”


Miles to go before I sleep…

About the Making of Us…


Yes! Everyone has something to teach you. Each person we ever encounter has some kind of impact on us. I firmly believe, that we are a sum of the people we come across in life. Like a sponge, we absorb qualities, habits, lessons or even just memories from each meeting that goes into the ‘making of us’.

Of course, now there are some, who have a lasting impact on us. They mold you for the better or worse. Some build you up and some break you down. Some just observe you and you realize that even that affected you in someway (I don’t know! Maybe it just made you more aware of your actions). Even the ones who criticize and judge you teach you to not pay attention to the haters. They make you bullet-proof.

Your colleagues affect your work; your friends and family lead your personal life; your seniors and role-models inspire you to do better; the less fortunate than us incite empathy; a stranger on a bus also makes you wonder. A smile from an acquaintance, an unexpected letter from an old friend, an interesting conversation with someone all have the capability to lead us on different paths, yet it all comes together as one glorious life, well-lived.

“In your life, you meet people. Some you never think about again. Some, you wonder what happened to them. There are some that you wonder if they ever think about you. And then there are some you wish you never had to think about again. But you do.” – C.S. Lewis

My point being, that how we turn out to be is a consequence of every single thing that has happened and the choices that we made in light of them. And they make you the person you are today: strong, real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful, worn-down but not defeated, like a flower after the storm – torn yet fresh and full of beauty!

Now, you consciously change for some, while for others it just happens (and these are the people worth keeping around!). Someone who never forces you to change but inspires you to do so.

As the famous line from Spider-Man goes:

“The great thing about MJ is, when you look in her eyes and she’s looking back in yours… everything… feels… not quite normal. Because you feel stronger and weaker at the same time. You feel excited and at the same time, terrified. The truth is… you don’t know what you feel except you know what kind of man you want to be”.

This impact does not end with real people either. Even the characters in the books we read and the movies we watch become a part of us. They help us along by either instigating our thoughts or just giving a much-needed escape.

And finally, that maybe, when the velvet ropes come down, in life, in our final walk, maybe everyone; real or fictional will be there, bidding us farewell and luck for the journey to follow.

… for in the end…

There are certain people that’ll inhibit a small, quiet space inside your heart despite any circumstances. They left a piece of themselves when your souls collided upon impact. And there they’ll always remain. – Victoria Erickson.

Viva la Vida…



“The world is too big to stay in one place and life is too short to do just one thing.” So when the urge do something new comes a-knocking, don’t fight it, instead, go with the flow and let it sweep you into a whole new world.

Little do we know what the future holds out for us. However, we all have things, things we want to do before we, well, to use the technical term, “kick the bucket”. 😛

So here’s my bucket list:

(Warning: Being a fellow wanderer, most of my list will comprise of travel and sightseeing! Some of which I have already done.)

  1. Starting with a common one; to see the Northern Lights. Aurora Borealis!
  2. To witness the great wildebeest migration in the grassland of Serengeti and Maasai Mara.
  3. To go bungee jumping.
  4. To go sky diving.
  5. To trek through the Himalayas as often as possible.
  6. To go wine tasting in Paris.
  7. To sleep under the stars on a mountain cliff.
  8. To take time and go back-packing through Europe.
  9. To go deep sea diving.
  10. To visit the Great Pyramids at Giza. (Done)
  11. To visit and relax in one of those Geo Thermal Springs
  12. To play with Pandas (and own one if that’s even allowed. Though that probably requires a permit or something :P)
  13. To go on a boat ride through the Amazon rain forest.
  14. To swim with Dolphins, Sea Lions and Seals.
  15. Have a deep meaningful conversation with a stranger.
  16. Go camping with friends.
  17. Kiss someone in the rain.
  18. Go to a Masquerade ball.
  19. Attend a carnival in Brazil.
  20. Live in another country for a short period.
  21. Take a cruise on the River Nile. (Check)
  22. Visit the United Nations. (Check)
  23. Visit NASA
  24. Go camping at the Grand Canyon and Death Valley
  25. Go camping at Yosemite National Park and Yellow Stone National Park
  26. Fall in love with a complete stranger.
  27. Go on a blind date.
  28. Volunteer for a good cause for a short duration in another city or country.
  29. To spend the night in a castle/palace. 
  30. To float and read a book in the dead sea.
  31. Go on the Snow Leopard Trek in Leh or a chance to see the Phantom of the Mountains in the wild.
  32. Volunteer or work in a zoo with all kinds of animals.
  33. Trek on the Zanskar River in Leh in the freezing winters of Leh, also known as the coveted Chadar Trek. (Done. Wil describe the experience in detail in a separate blog entry. For now I’ll just use one word: Surreal)
  34. To learn self defense. (Simply because it’s badass.. :P)
  35. To go para-gliding. (Check. Gliding over the Himalayan Mountains is a different experience altogether)

…. The list goes on. Will keep adding things as and when I come across things I really wanna do. I have an insane calling to be where I’m not. For, “It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves.” I follow the same line of thought. To do things I haven’t before, to take the road not traveled by, to be free in my adventures, to me, is to find where I really belong.

“To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the most pleasant sensations in the world. You are surrounded by adventure.”

For someone famous once said, there is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.

So, till then, I hope you, “Leave the road, take the trails.”


The Invincible Summer….

“One of the oldest human needs is having someone to wonder where you are when you don’t come home at night”.  – Margaret Mead

In times of desperation and deceit, the smallest act of honesty and love goes a long way. To be wanted, to be missed, to be needed is an emotion we all carry; sometimes we wear it on our sleeves, sometimes it’s concealed deep within. But, if you are human, the desire to be cared for is as innate as breathing; it defies logic.

And when you are left alone, you realize the worth of that need within you. You miss the texts asking if you are home; or whether you are asleep, warm and cosy, just to know.

So, she would sit by the fire, day dreaming of all the times he had made her smile and feel safe. Yes, she was broken and hurting, but she was also glad that it happened. She was brave and strong and broken all at once. But that too, was okay.  Because of all the things their love could have been, unrequited wasn’t one of them. Sometimes, it’s the pain that makes us feel alive.

.. because as they say,

“In the depths of winter, I finally learned, there lay, within me, an invincible summer”

So, here’s to the never-ending summer within us and to that indomitable human spirit that just wants to keep on living.

“Here’s to the hearts that ache. Here’s to the mess that we make.” 

– La La Land.


Sometimes… :)


Sometimes I wonder what you are doing;

Are you looking up at the same stars I am seeing?

Sometimes I wonder are you by yourself;

Or are you laughing and smiling with someone else?

Sometimes I wonder how you might be feeling;

Are you happy and in love or lonely and healing?

Sometimes I wonder if you still think about me;

Do you dream about us or a distant memory it rather be?

Sometimes I wonder what the future would have been;

Cute talks, holidays and love, who could have seen?

Sometimes I wonder where we lost it;

All the heartaches and pains, was it all worth to begin with?

Sometimes I wonder how we got here;

Trying so hard to smile through the tears.

Sometimes I wonder if any of it was true;

… tell me, are you wondering the same thing too?

New Horizons – The Mountains…

What are men to rocks and mountains? – Jane Austin, Pride and Prejudice


Snow clad, rocky or covered in trees and grass, the mountains and I have a special connection. Standing on a cliff, over-looking the valley, watching the clouds slowly gaze over snowy peaks; the Himalayas has a charm that will creep into your soul and make you his forever. It is hauntingly beautiful and serenading and everything that is new and beautiful and bright and yet it has been standing there, tall and strong since the beginning of time! To me; it gives me courage and the hope to face new horizons…

“And if these mountains had eyes, they would wake to find two strangers in their fences, standing in admiration as a breathing red pours its tinge upon earth’s shore. These mountains, which have seen untold sunrises, long to thunder praise but stand reverent, silent so that man’s weak praise should be given God’s attention.”
― Donald Miller, Through Painted Deserts: Light, God, and Beauty on the Open Road


It personifies hope and things that are clean and fresh…! Here’s to the New Horizons!

It is always the same with mountains. Once you have lived with them for any length of time, you belong to them. There is no escape. – Ruskin Bond

via Photo Challenge: New Horizon

#Photo Challenge


Come noon, I get a little rest after the rush of the morning matters and mentionings are over. Everyday, around this time, a hush falls over the place which is almost surreal. Don’t get me wrong, at any given point during court hours, there will be at least one lawyer, running from one Courtroom to the other, with his case coming up faster than a tornado approaches. I meant that, things settle in a bit at this time. As I sit here, in my chair, watching the people around either work or chat with their comrades; the thought that stuck with me was the humdrum routine of it all. It was a feeling of déjà vu; going through the same charade day after day; a feeling that it all had happened before, and then I realised that it hadn’t. That, the scene didn’t change, day after day. That, it was all different, yet somehow, the same. That, when I come back tomorrow, it will be the same, with subtle differences.

Yes, some people may find comfort in the known and regular. But the more I thought, the more I realised that I wasn’t one of them. I think, the reason I chose to be a lawyer, was because of the irregularity of it all. No two cases are alike. It forces me to think and face a different situation everyday. I thanked my lucky stars that I had law to give me adventure in the routine regression of the profession.

.. to save me from becoming faded.